Our team

Filip Hunek
„Miracles while you wait or
the impossible in 3 days“
Filip Account Director
Pavel Mrazek
„Perfect results
lay in details“
Pavel Strategic Planner
Lenka Kryglova
„Risk can lead to gain“
Lenka Head of Operations
Pavel Mach
„There is always something going on“
Pavel Art Director
Rama Rajnosek
„Everything is possible“
Rama CEO
Jasmina Husic
„Life is simple.
Everything happens for you,
not to you.“
Jasmina Head of Sarajevo Office
Kateřina Böhmová
„Talent is given,
greatness is earned.“
Kateřina Project management
Amila Leka
„A winner is a dreamer
who never gives up.“
Amila Account Manager
Lukas Brzak
„It's not important to take
part, but to win“
Lukas PHP Programmer
Martin Smak
„You never know,
unless you try“
Martin Web Coder
Rastislav Salamun
„Everything can be done
simpler and better“
Rastislav PHP Programmer
Ondra Masak
„Simple solutions
for complex situations“
Ondra PHP Programmer
Marek Kuncl
„Never say never“
Marek Project Coordinator
Michal Kotek
„Stay calm“
Michal Social Media Specialist
Markéta Mrlíková
„True happiness is only real when shared“
Markéta Tester
Aleš Leinweber
„Never give up“
Aleš Web Coder
Martin Hutník
„Never hesitate“
Martin Web Coder
Alena Hojdová
„Your thoughts make your life.“
Alena Account manager
Vendula Hříchová
„Never say never“
Vendula Account Manager
Katarína Langová
„Everything is as it should be“
Katarína Account Manager
Anna Borovickaja
„Everything is possible, just pick.“
Anna Project management
Jiří Ranc
„Life is a challenge - accept it.“
Jiří Grafik
Melisa Arapović Grubor
„Always nurture your Inner Child!“
Melisa Key Account Manager
Jan Macek
„Dum spiro spero.“
Jan Service manager
Emina Suša
„She believed she could, so she did!“
Emina Social Media Specialist
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Interview with Michal

Michal Kotek

What should brand content look like for Instagram?

It should be nice. Unlike on Facebook where fans digest various super-photoshopped visual, the content on Instagram should be natural. Instagram is about photographs and brands should respect this. Also the ones that only advertise on Instagram. So, if you want your brand to rock on Instagram, use beautiful “insta” photos…

Which other social networks do you think have a potential for brands?

Teenagers think Facebook is out, Snapchat is the new thing now and it’s rapidly growing. It is an everyday necessity for young people. They wake up, snap a selfie from bed, go to the bathroom to brush their teeth and they snap a selfie again. They keep snapping all day. Brands like Milka and Big Shock have completed successful campaigns and their numbers look really good. We’ll see which brand will be the next one advertising on Snapchat.

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