Our team

„She believed she could, so she did!“
Emina Key Account Manager
„It could be you.“
„Everything is as it should be.“
Katarína Account Manager
„Your thoughts make your life.“
Alena Account Manager
„We have the opportunity to learn from our mistakes. I like to learn.“
Karel Developer
„Life is a journey, make the most out of it!“
Arnela Account Manager
„From imagination we create worlds.“
Ivana Social Media Specialist
„Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.“
Martin Senior consultant
„Risk can lead to gain.“
Lenka Head of Operations
„The hardest part about a zombie apocalypse will be pretending I'm not excited.“
Janča Social Media Unicorn
„It could be you.“
„Everything is possible.“
Ráma CEO
„Don't be afraid to make a mistake, don't make the same mistake twice.“
Honza Project Manager
„The best is yet to come. Be patient.“
Markéta Tester
„Practice like you've never won, perform like you've never lost.“
Dino Account Manager
„Be shapeless, formless, like water.“
Đenan Account Manager
„Everything changes, only the change lasts.“
Mikuláš Account Manager
„All rush is good only for cattle.“
Tomáš Web Developer
„Gamers don't die they respawn.“
Dan Web Developer
„Life doesn't happen to you, it happens for you.“
Jasmina Head of Sarajevo Office
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Interview with Miki


Aqua Digital is primarily focused on cooperation with large world brands. Which possibilities do you see in such partnerships?

Large brands often have sophisticated high-quality marketing communications, yet there is usually a tremendous scope to open up to innovations. The sometimes very narrow barriers of years of strict internal guidelines are often followed by habit and without thoughts of how to move further in the fast-changing world of marketing. To move even closer to their customers. Very few employees have the courage to try to change something and go all the way to the top manager with their ideas. Here I see a lot of opportunities, even if these are tradition-based brands. There is always something that can change for the better and the idea always begins with the individual. And with Aqua Digital we can do it together.


What did you find interesting about digital trends lately?

I would point out the main one - consistent and thorough community management. Even the biggest brands should talk directly with their customers - ask if they want to change anything or what do they want for a new product. Let them know that there is a person just like them on the other side. Whether it's a livestream video, comments or quick responses to direct messages, perfectly managed communication is the way to gaining new customers and to retain current ones. This trend will always change according to available technologies, but it will always be current and essential.

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