How to motivate record number of users to try contact lenses

Vision care is an important topic. With ACUVUE® brand (that belongs to world's leading manufacturers of contact lenses) we’ve been educating users through social media and campaigns for several years now.

Jitka Nováčková FAQ

A Yearlong Campaign to Support Healthy Vision

During every year we encourage users to try ACUVUE® contact lenses. Beside of a huge amount of products for vision correction ACUVUE® offers entrance examination in their affiliate optics and a free sample of contact lenses to try.

The main target of this campaign was to reach broad audience, bring them to optics and let them try ACUVUE® contact lenses.

This time we decided to create an educational campaign to reach potential users who are not experienced with contact lenses. Maybe they’re afraid, maybe they consider glasses part of their image.

To demystify contact lenses in the eyes of these potential users (pun intended) and to give this campaign a face, collaboration with an influencer was a nobrainer.


When Influencer Meets Her Lovebrand

We were picking the right person carefully to fit the overall concept and philosophy of ACUVUE® brand. One of them was a Czech model, moderator and former Miss Jitka Nováčková. Her answer gave us a signal we made the right choice: She’s been using ACUVUE® for 8 years now! So the collaboration began.

User Generated Content As a Key to Success

The main idea of the whole campaign was to engage our audience itself – Jitka invited her Instagram followers to ask her any question about contact lenses in her Stories. And a huge wave of messages came.

Instagram FAQ

Jitka created an educational video for her YouTube channel based on these questions and confirmed what everybody is being silent about – you don’t need an expensive atelier to reach fantastic results. A living room, personal charm and a enthusiasm are those right ingredients.

How to Achieve 40 % of Year KPI Target in One Month

Video was viewed by more than 62k YT users and it still belongs to the most watched videos on Jitka’s channel. It was even featured in the „Trends“ section on YouTube.

Video campaign was supported by Jitka on her Instagram profile and posts with a tag @acuvuecz reached more than 8k likes altogether.

Even if we were on a great way to reach targets with our regular campaigns, this first video turned out to be a jackpot – we achieved almost 40 % of the KPI targets in one month. Number of registrations for the entrance examination skyrocketed by 802 %. Affiliate optics confirmed significantly higher number of new customers wanting to try ACUVUE® contact lenses.

6 months of collaboration with Jitka lead to an overfulfillment of year targets in new registrations by 60 % and the cost per lead decreased by 47 % compared the previous year.

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