About us

We are specialists in online communication. We use interactive tools, create digital strategies, communicate quickly and efficiently. Most importantly we believe in a rapid premium delivery of our products and services. We cut through the noise, sift out the most relevant and correct data while also learning from each project and enriching our industry knowledge.

Among our clients and their customers we have developed strong and lasting relationships. We have created innovative channels for digital communication, increased and optimised performance and have designed effective campaigns.

The real world cannot be divided into online and offline. Therefore, we do not separate online from traditional offline communications either.


The client always comes first We believe that every client should enjoy working with us.

Clients are the ones who matter We believe our clients are very important and ensure there is long lasting positive bond between us.

People in Aqua People are key to Aqua Digital's success. Our team loves being part of Aqua Digital. They love their work and they love their life.

Why Aqua Digital

Success depends on quality and this is achieved with our professional team of experts and specialists.

Competence in marketing communication, websites, project management and programming.

Our clients trust us.

Innovation and quality is a key factor for benchmarking.

The key to the quality of our projects is our attention to detail. We have very high standards.

What is going on

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